Hey guys, I was just wondering if you guys could help me pick out a new phone. I am with T-mobile so I have to get a phone that uses T-mobile. I need a phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. But I don't want that new G-1 google phone or whatever it is. At first I was going to get a sidekick but then my friend told me it was a girl phone, and it kind of is. So pit, help me decide what phone to get.

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how bout a phone that works, i wish i had one of those.

isent their an iphone for t-moble?

even if there is i dont want one, my dad has one i really dont like touch screen phones
The Blackberry Storm is their best, right?
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Good luck finding a QWERTY keypad that isnt touch screen or a pda on something new.
Things have moved on, full solid keypads have been replaced
Nokia E71.

Or if you dont mind an touch-screen non-QWERTY keyboard, the Samsung Tocco or something? Is very good.
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t-mobile G1 better than iPhone. full keyboard and touch screen. all apps and games r free. i love mine. 3G wifi and GPS.
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