did you ever wake up without a woman on your mind?
did you ever give up before you'd run out of time?
so many nights you've spent alone

Did you ever pretend that you didn't have any friends?
did you believe what you said, when you said it was all a lie?
did you ever give up because the pathway looked rough?
do you find yourself living just so you won't die?

get back on the horse and try again
get back on the horse
someday you will ride again
get back on the horse

when you wake up believing that every days the same
you've cut off your legs without even playing
and you know that's no way to live

you always say that the world isn't turning your way
have you lost all of your pride?
do you always give up, when the pathway looks rough?
get back on and try
It seemed wierd in the beginning, but all too true...

The chorus is kool! It's kinda inspirational to me lol, especially at this point in time...

I like it! It's got great potential. could be a bit longer though...