I think my best advice would be to stop trying to write "guitar music" consider songs with multiples leads, more key changes though admitedly samples don't let me hear the span of your songs. Try to escape genres more, just listen to classical and world music, look for other cultures to incorporate.

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It was pretty cool, didnt really like anything other than 'funkblues' but thats just my taste I think. The main problem, that i think Mig is getting at, is that its all a bit cliched. The lead could of used some jazzier notes methinks. It had a decent groove, but the lead wasnt really all that interesting.

The way i feel is it seems you are interested in a lot of different music, instead of just saying, well i'm going to do a song and its going to be so and so genre, just try to play what feels right - Like funk blues, you could of came in with a massive RATM style riff there. And it would of been awesome and took the song to a whole new level.

Those are my thoughts any, hope that makes sense. Don't let it put you off because i really loved it, however i myself get really annoyed when no-one crits my stuff they just say - 'ah yet its cool' or whatever.

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