I'm playing for some 6 years to now and i had just bought a new fender am strat. After a while I have finally founded some good amp setting (hughe and kettner blue.) I like the old vintage sound from band's like dire straits, jimmy hendrix but especialy the shadows and some realy old fender strat sounds, a bit country, bluesy.
Now becouse i could find the right sound for my amp, a have been looking for nice amp sounds to replace mine. And finely fell totaly in love with the older reissues of fender ( 59 bassman, 63 reverb, 65 super reverb and the twin reverb.) They have such old emotionaly sound, Realy like!

Problem: They are far to expensive, and i'm setting some money appart to buy one (over 5 years i will have enough i quess ). Are there some vintage pedals of fender tone simulators?
I allready found that putting the reverb open helps, and some vibrato effects also. But maybe some more, or better tricks? Can allways help me