i want one off these two designs to go onto my guitar body but...
1)i dont know what design.
2)i have a rough idea on how to get it oto the wood but a guide would be handy
3)and i cant find the lacquer needed for a squire telecaster
any other help would be nice =)

design 1

design 2

design one without a shadow of a doubt. tribal for the huge massive monumental lose.
Design one is a coat of arms..who's?

I would go with design two, for looks and ease.

Consider putting it here, to make the most of it's size and a central location.

I fail at photoshop so...

Are you refinishing your guitar?

What finish does it have at the moment?

Copy the design on to frisket film (clear adhesive masking). Apply it to the guitar and cut out the design with a sharp blade. The film is so thin, that you do not need enough pressure to cut the wood.


I would scuff the surface first and use black pinstriping enamel.
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Quote by Skeet UK
Design one is a coat of arms..who's?

looks more like a crest of the holy roman empire to me.

Much more tasteful than a tacky tribal :p
As much as I love the tribal, I'd have to go with the coat of arms, as it's a bit more original than the other. Plus, it would fit the Tele vibe a bit more. Would look nice on the grille of a Marshall cab, too
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