like i said in an earlier post(with thanks to everyone who replied)
its not realli a fantastic amp. but untill i can afford a better amp in the future.
considering myabe (orange or fender bassman), would my vox tonelab SE
wether using a different amp model. or even just one of the pedals
make a difference. and make it sound better.

why would you bother getting the mg half stack when your going to use the Tonelab, just get a keyboard amp then or something
well i already own the halfstack. i bought it before my tonelab. at the time( just over a year ago) i didnt really know too much about amp heads etc and how better the tonelab was.i just bought the tonelab because it seemed much better for the money than all the seperate pedals that i was looking at. and like you said turned out to be better sounding than the amp.
i did for a while. then i didnt. but i wasnt happy with the amp without it so now i am again. when running the tonelab thru the amp. is it best to run it through the clean, the crunch or the od 1 or 2 channel.
Clean. The Crunch and OD will interfere with the Tonelab's clean and distorted models.
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Get rid of the MG man...It will be the best day of your life.

I actually got a dumbass guy to trade me straight up for a 50W Randall tube combo and I have never looked back. You will not BELIEVE how amazing that tonelab sounds through a tube amp my friend
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