Hey, I play death/thrash metal (stuff like Slayer, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, etc.) but I'm having trouble tremolo picking good. If you listen to and/or play this kind of music you know tremolo picking is a huge part of it. While sitting down I can tremolo pick pretty good and get through songs but when I try to stand up and play it I have trouble. While sitting my pick is parallel to my strings so it's easy but when I stand up my guitar is tilted up so it makes it hard. Any tips? Also I have trouble changing strings while tremolo picking. Thanks all!
Practice standing up more.
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jsut alternate pick very slowly and build it up, or play songs like misirlou and raining blood on guitar hero it gets your hand into the motion of picking fast, my trem picking is messed up, but thats becasue i learned to trem pick before alternate picking which thus i learned to trem with my arm and not my wrist, so the first thing you should do (if you have done so already) is learn to alternate pick. but after that just build up speed by uping the tempo on a song, or the guitar hero method as i used. GL
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Practice standing up more.

I can't even practice hardly because I can't tremolo pick at all while standing.
be sure not to tense up
use more of your shoulder and elbow to pick and move around
try to hold tour guitar straighter
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use more of your shoulder and elbow to pick and move around

No, when tremolo picking you should never use your shoulder and elbow you should just be using your wrist. When you use your arms to tremolo pick you build up a lot of tension them.
Go watch Dick Dale videos on youtube. I did it, and I can tremolo pick like hell now.

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Try angling your pick slightly, if you over angle it,it will sound scratchy, and only let the first I'd say like 1mm of the pick hit the string, as for the changing of strings while trem picking, you should try moving one string at a time until you feel comfortable standing up and really gettin into it.
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I can't even practice hardly because I can't tremolo pick at all while standing.

Thats.. why.. you.. practice.
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do you hang your guitar to your knees to look like you're playing metal? if so, raise your guitar up, it will bring those strings closer and more paralell like it does when you sit. its much easier.
if you play your guitar in a higher position, then i dont know what to tell you other than practice makes perfect, like everyone else is saying.
i lik to anchor my pinky for tremolos i can go way faster if i do that


practice makes perfect...