Protest the Hero, if you have the time to practice, it will be easy.

The Final Coutdown's solo isn't really hard and is impressive.

Paper Wings by Rise Against is really fun to play

and that awesome riff to light strumming at the end is (in my opinion) reason enough to buy the album.
the solo to One is pretty pro but easy to play. its like 90% texting

Edit: its by Metallica in case you dont know. (t'would be a shame)

Please use tags for tabs....
A lot of Opeth is really easy, but it sounds really hard, and considering their song lengths, people are easily amazed.

Some early Metallica is also good to, and if you're not to bothered about solos, Necrophagist's Extreme Unction is fairly easy, because people think you're awesome simply because it's Necrophagist. Just exclude the solo, that's very hard.
If you have a crap load of time and want to become an advanced player. "This Dying Soul" - Dream Theater lol. You need a seven string though :/ . Or "As I am" - Also DT thats a six string.