How are liquids and gases alike?? Different?

Intermolecular Attractions cause a couple of effects. Name them and describe their action.

Describe the following phenomena:
Vapor Pressure:
Critical Values:
Specific Heats:

Kinetically descrie a liquid and then a solid.

Discuss the 3 types of van der Waals forces.
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Permanent and temporary (induced) dipoles! Cba answering all questions properly.

I completely buggered my A2 module 4 test on Tuesday.
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gasses and liquids are alike because they are both fluids.

evaporation = liquid to gas

Thats all I got man
liquids and gases are two different phases of a substance. A gas has more energy that a liquid.

Evaporation is the phase change from liquid to gas.

Basically look in your chem book for these definition answers or google them.

Then for the next one your chem book should have the answer. If that doesn't help go to Yahoo and post a question.
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