the name of the song is (You Don't Like It) When I Call You Names
it sounds a lot like "Givin' Up" by The Darkness

[verse 1]
Well babe you think it's funny, spending all my time and money
I'm trying to show you a good time,
But your lips are so sweet, and i want myself a treat
So I put up with all of the whines
But my efforts make no sense, there's a lack of consequence
And I'm getting real sick of these games
So I try to make a move, but your eyes show disapprove
and you don't like it when i call you names

So tell me what's wrong, cause you're always right
I don't really want, another sleepless night

you're impossible girl
you're impossible girl
you're impossible girl
and I think I'm done trying

[verse 2]
Well I've been thinking all day, but have nothing smart to say
and you feel the need to put me in my place
so you hit me once or twice, and it feels kinda nice
And I just love the look on your face
But then I start to stutter, cause your head is in the gutter
Talking about games you want to play
But then I come to find, You have a change in mind
And you just wanna call it a day

[pre-chorus 2]
So say that you're wrong, cause I know I'm right
Say whatever helps you, sleep thru the night

[chorus again]

that's it, tell me what you think, thanks a lot