Just curious how the crumbling economy has affected your area?? Personally I'm a contractor that works at a huge paper mill and just learned today they are shutting down both of their paper machines!!! Who knew there would ever be a low demand for paper!!!! Pretty much all of my friends have gotten laid off from their jobs. Anyways just curious if the affects of this depression are starting to trickle into your lives.
Already a thread on this.

Bedit: I had to pay 1.30$ at McDonalds for a medium sized coke.
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my dad's a car salesmen for GM and it hasnt really affected him too much as he was named the top salesmen of the city. however, i do live in canada and things arent as bad here.

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Only indirectly, family members at risk of losing jobs etc.
My job's contract was just extended to permanent last week, so I should be fine.
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My dad owns his own construction business, last year he made close to $200,000, now he's coming to me to borrow money for food.
I just graduated from college with an associates degree and am desperate for any sort of job and there is nothing available. It sucks....
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Already a thread on this.

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