Hey guys..

It's been a while since i've posted last... I think.. but anyways, I need your help this time.

This probably should go in a homework thread, if there is one, but I need the help TONIGHT and I think it'd be a challenge.

Okay, situation..

In English class, we've read Romeo and Juliet and we're doing a project on it. My project is to write a newspaper article as if I was a Verona news reporter about an event happening in the book. The event I chose is Act Three Scene One when Benvolio and Mercutio are downtown when Tybalt arrives and fights and kills Mercutio, then Romeo fights and kills Tybalt. I have the newspaper written, but I'm supposed to put quotes in them. I have the quotes and I want to translate them as if they're in actual Shakespearean Language. This is where you guys come in. I need you to translate these quotes to Shakespearean language, or at least try to.

Here they are:

Mercutio was already in a bad mood so the arrival of Tybalt and Petruchio didn’t help him calm down at all. Since they’re Capulets, they’re our sworn enemies, and he was in a bad mood so he wanted to fight with them,”

“Benvolio was trying to force Mercutio to step down and stop quarreling with Tybalt. He tried convincing him but nothing would work. It looked like Mercutio really wanted a fight,”

“When Mercutio was stabbed the blood started pouring out of him. It was a horrifying sight. I really didn’t think the feud between those two families would go this far, but I see that I’m wrong now,”

“I feel like I’ve been betrayed. Mercutio and Romeo ignored my orders and chose to fight amidst the streets of my fair town of Verona. This made me extremely angry,”

These quotes are also entirely made up by me, my teacher doesn't mind that, but I need you guys to translate them if you can by tonight.

Also, I've searched Google for a translator and couldn't find one. The only things I got from there are lessons to learn how to speak like Shakespeare, and I need the quotes translated TONIGHT.

Long story short, I need you guys to translate those quotes for me from Modern Day English to Shakespearean English.

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