Just picked up a brand new Boss GT-10 for 400 bucks and it sure looks like a pretty badass pedal I just havent had much time to sit down with it and really see what it can do.

Anyone have any tips or anything along those line about the pedal? I'm playing it through my Randall 50W tube combo if that makes any difference...on a Ibanez S470 which has the H-S-H pickup configuration...again if that makes any difference.

Thanks folks in advance
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Congrats on the new pedal, you have just bought a really impresive multi-fx pedal which I'm sure you will have many hours of fun using. Unfortunately, it also has the ability to draw you into uber tweak mode and substitute those hours of playing into hours of messing around with settings if you let it. Here's the best tip you'll get, set up a few patches that you like quickly, and play each time before you get into searching for that certian sound through the pedal. It has a bit of a learning curve when you delve into it.
I 've had mine for a couple of months and I think it'll take another two or three to really get the most out of it. I use the 4 cable method of connecting to my amp, this offers the most variety of options. Most guitars will be fine as the GT-10 lets you tweak the guitars input through the system menu input/output.
The best place for info can be found at :-


A few of the guys on the forum really know what there talkin bout. I recommend reading ricig's posts. Sometimes they can sound a little technical but you'll get the hang of it.
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