I have to write an essay for anthropology/sociology class

i have to prove in 500 to 750 words that music can help motivate change.

any examples? points i can use?

thanks it advance
Look into punk bands old school and new, but legit punk, not blink.
Political bands like rage?
by legit punk you mean like the ramones and stuff like that right
and ya im gunna have a paragraph on woodstock now
talk about Jimi hendrix and the hippy/ anti-war culture during the 60's and the music in it, that would be a great topic
i like broccoli and long drives at the beach on my segway
Yeah the ramones were the begining of pop punk but that's not what your essay is about.
So yes.
Maybe nofx, sex pistols, any band with ideals that they spoke out for and had fans listening
say essays are against your religion
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