Not sure of the exact speaker inside, as the cab is a closed back and I dont want to open it(I'm not very handy) but the cab does sound great. Its in perfect condition and has two (2) 1/4 inch jacks on the back panel.

I'm asking $125 for it.


that's a pretty sexy cab. if you figure out what speaker is in there I may be interested
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Me too. I'm defiinitely interested as well but you're going to have to provide information about the speaker. It doesn't make much sense for someone to buy it 'blind'. Also, you don't have to be too handy. I imagine that a screwdriver and a couple of minutes is all that you need to take off the back and have a look at the speaker.
Ill go check now. I did get an offer for $125 already on craigslist, so unless you can up that, selling local is easier for me. Ill go see the speaker.
I'm glad you had me open it because I just found out it has an alnico blue, 8 ohm speaker in it! I'm going to have to think of a new price. PM with any offers also.