I've been having a massive feedback problem. My gear, is an old les paul custom. Randall Rh-150d. An Ampeg 2x12 cab =\. Generic Instrument cables. Boss-ns2 noise suppresor.

Anyway. I've just started a band (metal) high gain settings, everyone's cranked. I have terrible feedback so I looked up advice on here. Basically I thought all I need is a noise suppressor. But it hasn't helped in the slightest.

It feeds back even while Im playing constantly. When I try and mute the strings, only if I mute them in the perfect spot, will it start to kill the feedback over a period of about 5 seconds. This is driving me insane.

I replaced all the cords. Brand new.

I've also tried laying off the gain.

I tried my other guitarist's guitar, which seemed better but not perfect.

I Stood about 20 feet away, and adjacent to and turned away from the cab. Still no good.

Things I suspect are the problem:
1)Cab. It's a bass cab.

2)The les paul. It's very old, and I notice that when I point the pickups at electronic devices it hums.

3)No knowledge of what My threshold and decay settings should be at on the ns-2

4) Its supposedly a very "Noisy" amp... and its just the amp and Im stuck with a piece of ****.

5)Located in an unfinished basement.

Please any ideas are helpful. I'm a total noob when it comes to gear, so I hope I just overlooked something obvious =[. Thanks in advance.
If the guitar is old it's likely that you have microphonic pickups.


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1) Shouldn't matter.

2) VERY POSSIBLE. Try your other guitarists', guitar in your setup.

3) Well threshold is where it should "begin" ? But I've never used that pedal so I can't help much... fiddle with it is my only advice there.

4) Ehhhh doesn't sound like it. Especially if you've fiddled with the gain.

5) Very possible yes. I notice a huge difference in the amount of feedback in a garage with uninsulated walls, versus an add-on room with carpet.

I'm leaning towards your guitar.
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Put threshold at max and have the decay at about 9 o'clock
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Use an EQ pedal or a rack EQ, you will be able to cut the feedback frequency.
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Thanks for the quick responses. Yeah very old Pickups. Although they are humbuckers, I think they could be the main problem.

Unfortunately I dont have much of a choice of where I'm playing. Maybe my parents will finish this basement, they've been thinking of it for a while... thank god.
Try hanging carpets or blankets up and put carpets on the floor
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