Hey, just wondering, im pretty new here. I just would like to know if there was some way to view the threads ive posted in, i have troubles finding threads ive posted in after a couple hours due to the size of this forum. I looked in the control panel.. maybe i just didnt look enough. Is there a function like this on UG forums?
In the upper right rand part of your screen you will see a "My Profile" button. Under that, you will see a "view profile" button for Bran. Click it. Look on the left for "All posts by Bran."
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Hit your username on the top right corner (not "my profile", where it says profile [insert little person thing here] Bran.). Then scroll down and on the left you'll see "All posts by Bran." and "All threads by Bran.".

Hope this helped.
If you click the My profile button at the top right screen, it will take you to your home page where it shows friend requests, blog updates, etc. and when you scroll down you will a box that says My stats and Rankings. At the bottom of that box you will see something that says forum post totals. Click that and it will show a list of your posts, threads.
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