Im not to good at this, so i thought id just ask for help. What are some good strategies for improvising on bass?

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move though scales. use common tones, passing tones, neighboring tones.

and don't forget good bass tone.
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Play along to jazz recordings, with the aid of a Real Book. Walk along to the chords. Once you can play along to songs just by looking at the chords, you are ready.
best way to start off is to find good walks from one note to another. and learn your pentatonic scales. these are used in like 95% of all rock songs.
Scales, Modes, Chords All that great stuff
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yeah, on most rock songs you can just take whatever chord you're on at that time and play the pentatonic like mad and move to the next tonic note when the chord changes. if the song is more complex you'll need to know your modes and which ones to use when you move to different scale-tones.
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