Alright guys,

I barely play guitar any more, so I'm selling stuff I bought when I was younger and had money to burn, to fund my photography habit.

First to go is my Ibanez PH99 Classic Phase pedal. It's a rare analogue phaser, made for a short while at the turn of the millenium. You can choose between square and sine wave forms, with knobs for speed, depth, feedback, and effect level. There is also an 'intense' switch, which pretty much does what it says. If you want to know more, the circuit diagrams are on the net, as are reviews etc. etc. If you need anything else, please feel free to message me. You should be able to see pictures here:


The pedal has barely seen any use from me as I bought it shortly before going to uni, and then replaced my single pedals with a multi-fx to save space. It is in mint condition, has never left my bedroom, and comes with box and even the original plastic bag the pedal was wrapped in inside the box. There is one currently up on the Australian version of the auction site I'm not allowed to mention for the equivalent of £129, plus £30 shipping. I'm asking for £100 shipped, ono.

gotta say this really is a fantastic effect, out of my price range or id buy it in a snap!

good luck selling it!
cheers mate. it was an impulse buy when I went to Paris as a kid, and wasted all my spending money on it. guess it was a better investment than porno playing cards or... onions? can't say I took in much of the culture