I am tryin to learn to play pipeline. I have a question about the intro, on the tab sheet it shows /13/12/11/10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1>. Do I strum thirteen times or do I just start at 13 and slide all the way down to one? I can't get it to sound right either way.

I am a total newb, btw. Any other advice is appreciated.
You have to hit each note that they are showing but only on the string indicated. Best way to do it is palm mute and alternate pick. try doing it slow at first then gradually increase your speed til you get it. You have to coordinate your picking hand to the speed that you slide your finger up the neck
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Does it sound like they pick all of them in the song? I would say you pick all of them since it's not a shift slide or legato slide.
STart at thirteen, pick real fast while sliding up to the first fret, it's that surf vibe you're trying to get for that, watch a video of it being played, or listen to the song, either way, that's how it should sound