i have a lefty guitar and it doesnt have a whammy bar but i really want one is it at all possible to attach a bridge and bar for that?
Well you have to consider the ups and downs of having a whammy bar or a tremolo system. Research it and then look it up to see if it really is for you. If you can find a left handed tremolo/whammy bar system, purchase it and take it in to a local guitar shop and ee if they can have it fitted for you.
were am i suppost to find a left hannded whammy that is attchable?
are you looking for the whole bridge or just the bar to fit your already floating bridge?
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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no i dont have a bridge for it at all were can you find a lefty whammy bar bridge
read my last post or try and find a new guitar with one already equipped. Ibanez GX's are gonna crap out on you soon anyway.
yea i see the bar but dont you need a certain bridge for it to work
If it'S too expensive just get a right-handed whammy and you'll look just like srv, reversed :p.
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the beginner Ibey's will last you a good bit, but I do believe it's time to start looking for another. My first guitar was an Ibey back in 03, and within six months the damn neck was warped beyond compare.
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well i mean even if it was a really great guitar it wouldnt be worth it, cuz it'll cost a lot of money to get that done, unless you want to risk destroying your guitar and doin it yourself.
so i should wait until this one "dies" then have an excuse to get some other guitar with a whammy bar (hehe rymes)
wel its in pretty good shape and plus ill need some sort of excuse to buy another