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Its been a while since I've posted anything. I recently got a mesa boogie head. Im running it through my b-52 cab. Before you say anything, I completely realize its like working at mcdonalds in a tuxedo but I didnt have enough money to get both a new cab and the head. This is the first cabinet (not combo) amp i've had, and its the first head (again, I've stuck to combo tube amps) I've had.

My question is this. When I stand directly in front of the cabinet and kneel down in front of it, It has a really high trebly and mid range sound. Neither my mids or highs are up very much, and I only hear this sound when directly in front of it. My question is are all cabinets like this? I do realize b-52 is not the greatest brand but it works right now. Just curious so I know what to expect when I get a new one.
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It's because you're in front of the speaker. You will hear different things when you go behind it too.

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