Well im back to no where on what guitar i want. NAMM didn't really show anything too extraordinary to me. So if you could pick one guitar what would you pick? Im working with about $1000, but i might save more if i find something that knocks me off my feet. I play and epiphone SG g400 and an ESP LTD Alexi-200 guitar right now that i primarily use. I play metal and hard rock. I have a Randall RX120 Full Stack. I use monster cables and a boss metal zone for distortion. But Im looking for a new guitar. Now to save yall youre breath, I LOVE my Boss Metal Zone, and im keeping it. I dont want a new amp. Im satisfied plenty with my Randall SOLID STATE. I dont like tube amps. So what guitars would be good for me?

Btw, i prefer passive pickups.
haha. im glad yall named off the 2 i was looking at kinda.
the schecter c1 classic seems good, but i hate the necks on the hellraiser and im scared theyll be similar. and i really like ltds...
there's a gorgeous caparison on ebay right now..

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i'd say c-1 classic too. or u could wait for the new schecter solo-1 classic. pretty much the same but its a single cutaway. looks similar to a les paul but in my opinion its sexier. has a SD JB and '59 setup.
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