hey im thinkin about gettin a stingray HH and i was wonderin if its pssible to get that punk precision sound? If so, feel free to include how Thanks
favor the neck pickup, boost mids some, play with a pick if you want. it wouldn't be exactly a P bass sound, because it's not a P bass, but it'll get closer than a single humbucker stingray would. the humbucker will always sound like a humbucker, though.
^^not necessarily helpful.
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If you want a Precision tone, get a Precision. You have a Stingray. That's the tone you'll get. Favouring a pickup or any amount of EQ won't change that fact. You'll never get a passive split-coil sound out of a Stingray.
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He knows he's not going to get it dead on, that's why he's asking how to get as close as he can with it. Good response though. Very helpful.

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You might want to look at something like a Sandberg California PM or a Fender American Deluxe Precision, both have the P-pickup in the middle with a bridge humbucker.