I wrote this last night while I was listening to the Empyrean and thinking a lots about my life and that one day we'll all be gone. The entire world population will die off. I don't know, it never really hit me, but yeah. Crits4Crits!

What if I'm never aware I'm alive,
Until I'm a breath away from dying?
And all the memories in my head
Will not exist for I am dead-
What becomes of the life I've lived?
Will it disintegrate with my ash in the wind?
Will it matter to anyone that I cease to exist,
Like it mattered to me when my grandfather did?
When the casket closed and the tears cleared from eyes
I had no idea how to say my last goodbye...

East Haddam is gone, only in my head does it thrive
And it scares me that one day the memory will die
Along with the mind and world that houses it
I feel that I'm aware now,
But I'm not sure I always was...

The last stanza is kind of a look back on the life. The first being in the now, second in the future. This will probably be used for a song I'm working on, but I just wanted your thoughts on it. I think some words may be overused a bit, but that's the jist of it.
The first stanza's long, but it's good. I kinda looked at it through the perspective of somebody lying in their casket on their funeral day, dead... but their soul still alive, y'know?

It's a wierd/touchy subject, and you did a pretty good job at capturing that in a short snippet of lyrics

I think it's good.