So i done a christmas temp job over the holidays at next in bond street (thats right i'm in London), i done 2 days work there, first day on the 27th of December (the first day of the sale, which was horrible) and the second time on the 1st January (hangover), i got my payslip through for both days, but only actually got paid for the first day, so i phoned them up, told them and then they said well since that weeks cycle of payslips has already gone through, i will have to wait 1 week, so i did.

One week later (yesterday), i still hadn't got anything, so i rang them again, asked them what was going on, the first person i spoke to said they didn't have any record of me on there, so i said i am on there and told them all the details. After this they said the person i spoke to last week was wrong and they don't do weekly payment anymore, so i will have to wait until about this time next month, which pissed me off a little because i had been told one thing one week then another thing the next, which gives me the impression that i am being ****ed about, i think the person on the other could tell i was slightly irked but i kept my cool for the most part.

I am not too desperate for the money so i can wait, although the principle of me working unsociable hours on the worst days to do it and not getting paid until 2 months later leads me to believe that they may as well have gorillas working in their offices.

If they don't pay me by the time they said they will, there will be a problem.

What do you guys make of this?

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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