I recently started using Jazz III picks after much recomendation from everyone who's ever used one... and I love them! They make my lead playing sound much better and feel much smoother. However, one flaw I noticed came about when I was jamming along to Highway to Hell with some friends, the moment came for that big pick scrape right before the last chorus and I went to do it but what came out was for lack of a better work... dead. I tried doing a pick scrape in my different ways with the pick but couldn't figure out to make it sound nearly as good as my old Dunlop Tortex picks. Its a real shame, cause I'm loving these jazz IIIs. Does anyone have any advice or solutions to my predicament?
ive had the same problem with teh same picks and i love them too btu hate them for that also
Try Dunlop's Tortex Jazz pick They wear out faster than the nylon Jazz III's, but you get better pick scrapes
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