So, I got this LP with the 81/85 combo in it. I looked at the wiring and it all seemed really well and professionaly done but I was wondering somethng. When the battery goes dead, does it lose all it's gain? I was under the imprssion that it'll feedback and sound like ****, but mine on the high gain on the amp only gives me an ACDC type overdrive. I'm going to get a new battery tomorrow, but was really curious as the quick research I've done seems to point to that dead batteries don't really do this. Would it be wiring or would a new battery be the problem? I know I may be premature in starting this thread without trying a new battery, but figured I'd ask anyways.

Also, does anyone know anything about the 18v mod I could do to it? I'm no good at soldering or wiring.

Thanks for any help.
the cleans will start to sound farty, and the volume will drop when they start to die. might as well try a new battery anyway.

and the 18v mod thread. it's really easy.
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