Are there any songs with a bass solo? The clsoest I've heard is the basically intro to N.I.B but is there like a full on bass solo in any songs?
My Generation - The Who
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Yes. Flea. Entwistle on "My Generation." Geddy Lee on "YYZ." And many more.

EDIT: I see two people beat me to My Generation. 'Tis a very tasty bass solo.
Yes of course there is, almost too many to list.
Firstly, let me make the obligatory remark that you must have your head buried in your own ass if you didn't already know the answer to that question.
Next, listen to these songs: Addicted To That Rush, The Dance Of Eternity, Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth), and Metropolis Pt. 1.
Yes, I know that they're fairly obvious to most people, but apparently not to you.
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Not really a solo, but steve digiorgio on Control Denied. "Breaking The Broken" and "What If...?"
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Anaesthesia/Pulling Teeth - Metallica
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Rancid - Maxwell Murder, Axiom
Victor Wooten - Me and My Bass Guitar, Classical Thump, Sinister Minister
The Mars Volta - Day of the Baphomets
Steve Vai - Blue Powder
Stanley Clarke - Bad Asses

Theres a few...
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No. There are no bass solos. There have never been bass solos and there never will be either!!!!!!

Are you serious?
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And +1 on Spastic Ink, they don't get mentioned alot.
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Dude if i were you i'd look more at bands like Dragonforce, Dragonland, Dream Theatre and Power Quest, most of their songs are either in E major, A major, C major or D majhor

Also, "Bass Solo (Buffalo 1994)" By Billy Sheehan (it's on Prime Cuts). F***ing amazing!
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guitar solo - "meh, every song got one"
bass solo - "OMGZ0R U IS PRO MENZ"

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Palms Read by Protest the Hero

LOL That lasts for like 4 seconds dude

make your own bass solo
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Listen to some Greenday they have a ton of bass solos.
Holiday, Welcome to Paradise etc. They have a pretty good bass player. Mike Dirnt.

Theres a bass solo in the song Blinded In Chains by Avenged Sevenfold as well. Thats one of my favorites.
country music a night in hell by stu hamm
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Vital Signs and Red Barchetta by Rush plenty of other Rush tunes with solos, the live version of Driven has one.
NOFX - The Decline.

Very long song, but bass parts are AMAZING. Fat Mike is probably one of the most underestimated bass guitarists of all time.
I like the one Jimi plays in '1983 (a merman I should turn to be)'
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Metalshock by Flotsam and Jetsam has a pretty cool one about 4:23 into the song.
But Anyway by Blues Traveler.
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