I have a few questions, hopefully someone can help me out. I have an HSS strat, and the humbucker pickup is lose. Being that it is the stock pickup, and it is pretty weak, i am deciding to just have the pickup replaced. I was wondering if the Humbucker was able to be changed into another single coil, or would i have to buy another guitar. Also, if it could be changed, what are some good single coils that are cheap but could give me a gilmourish sound.

i dunno. i bet you could put a single there but its gonna have huge gaps of open space on both sides of it. just get a humbucker. hows the guitar sound by the way? ive been lookin at the hss strats and thinkin of gettin one.
well it wouldn't have gaps if i got a S-S-S pickguard. Im just wondering if the wiring is possible. The guitar sounds alright, nothing special. Definitely in need of upgraded pickups
You might be able to get a SSS pickguard for your strat and drop in all the other pu's and electronics.

Or you may be able to get a bracket that fits a humbucker slot but accomidates a single coil. Look at StewMac or something.
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yea you can do this
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get an S-S-S pickguard, all the electronics will drop in: all you will have to do is de-solder the humbucker and solder a new single-coil in.
Seymour Duncan carries good stuff, so does Lace. And if you wanted, you could just buy Fender pickups...
I'm not sure about GFS pickups or AllParts pickups. Most likely, the GFS ones won't be any good, and the allparts ones will be a lot better. Check it out...

In any case, I would just put in a new 'bucker... by having one there, you increase your range of sounds you can get from your guitar.
if you decide to buy stuff from AllParts, send a message off to LPAddict. he'll get you a discount.
You might want to find out what resistance the pots are first if you're just going to drop a single coil into a guitar where a humbucker used to be, as single coils tend to use 250k pots whereas humbuckers use 500k. I don't think it'd do any damage, but your tone would suffer immensely. I'm never sure where humbuckers are mixed with single coils, but i think it's the volume pot you need to worry about most.

For a different option, you could try dropping a retro-fit humbucker-sized P90 into the pickguard you already have. P90's have a fatter tone than singles, but still have that expressive quality that singles do. In the right styles of music, they're the best of both worlds.

Even more flexible would be the Seymour Duncan P-Rails pickup, which is a humbucker-sized mix of a P90 with a hot-rail style single coil attached. You can wire it so that you can use the P90 or the rail on their own at the flick of a switch, along with both at the same time for a humbucker sound. Seymour Duncan have a bunch of details for them on their website, and wiring diagrams to help you along.

Hope any of this helps in some way!