Hey guys, just got a new Mexican Fat Strat as my first guitar a couple weeks ago, and yesterday I replaced the pickguard and knobs so they would both be black. After I put it back together (I also removed the neck so it would be easier to get the pickguard off) I tuned it and it seemed fine for the most part but I knew I would need to reposition my pickps because I was getting a buzzing sound out of my amp.

Anyways, I've been working on it today, I put the pups back to their factory standard position and all, but for some odd reason, my humbucker seems to be giving me a brighter sound then my single coils, but I want the exact opposite.

Now, first things first, I know it's the humbucker because if you touch one of the poles you can hear the tapping. Second, what the heck is wrong? The ony things I can think of is maybe I managed to mess up the wiring, or the pups aren't adjusted correctly (I had to go from 3 adjusting screws to 2 if that makes a difference). Any ideas?
did you make sure the ground is connected correctly? if its humming its possibly not grounded to the bridge like it should be.
Do all your pots work? Pickups will sound brighter if they're not wired to pots or switches. Just a thought.
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