basically i have all the time in the world to practice, so this isnt a thread about the best way to structure my practice, but asking if theres anything else i could add, or maybe if theres somethings i should drop.

I'm taking lessons, and using various resources on the internet (justinguitar.com is a big one)

Basically my routine is:
- Finger warmup (i do the "finger gym" thing from justinguitar.com)
- Scale exercises (about 4 or 5 different scale exercises using the major and pentatonic scales)
- Spider exercises
- Play song I go over in my lessons with my instructor
- Try playing different parts from other songs that work on all different things (some things i try to tab by ear, mostly i end up needing a tab)
- And then finally trying to begin to learn advanced techniques like tapping, sweeping, ect. by searching far and wide for lessons on youtube

Basically the way i practice is i try to do something, and play it and get it until i can play it clean and to speed a few times in row, then i move on to the next thing. So some things i may spend like 5 minutes on, and others i can spend up to an hour on. I set a goal for the scale and spider exercises by bumping up metronome speed a little bit more everyday, and songs i try to play to speed, or slow down to like 50% and work my up to 100% if its really hard.

I do that often too, like 5 days a week at minimum.

So is that good? should i just stick to what im doing and just wait until i get good? (been playing 5 months now, and i'd say im progressing at a slightly above average rate) or should i be switching it up from time to time? I just want to be sure i'm not practicing the wrong things or wasting time when i could be doing better things to practice.
Your routine sounds pretty good to me, maybe sometimes you could just do them a bit out of order so it dosnt just become a really standard day to day thing.

Also, if you can (this will hopefully help with inprov soloing) just record a chord progression or find a site that has mp3s of a progression to download. Justinguitar.com probably does right? Anyway, take the key of the progression and solo over it using either the Major and Pentatonic scales. Your presumably already doing that imo cause one of those exercises has to be just playing tones of a scale out of order that you like the sound of.

You should probably also learn both of the diatonic and pentatonic scales (major and minor) unless you just didnt list them for some reason.
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Best advice i can give is make a schedule. I feel i get more done. Another thing is try learning songs by ear it takes a while but you progressively get faster. Also i try to put in a hour of just experimenting just to try some crazy stuff you never now what you might find out.