I have this guitar on my about me area. I was told by my guitar repair guy that it is very well made. SOmeone else told me they use basswood in these. I have been told by various people on various occasions basswood is crap. What do you guys think about the basswood and do you know if the tracer used them. Thanks all

also i am thinking of upgrading my bridge pick up in my ltd. I am thinking dimarzio tone zone, distortion, of a duncan invader, or distortion, or bill lawrence ( best cost option) any advice is appreciated. I am big into george lynch and classic kiss
well i dunno about the guitar but basswood is pretty good and from what i have heard it has a slightly warm and middy sound and a cut through the mix well but is soft (all from warmouth)

the guy from kiss used a dimarzio distortion if i'm not mistaken and i'm pretty sure it would sound good for a george lynch kinda tone
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