Hey UG!

After much needed reading I uncovered what I had been so desperately seeking! The 3 types of picking style(not method). Transition, Rotation and Oscillation! Something more than 'practice more...' to get more accurate/faster!

I have since altered my practicing to adopt the style that seems to make the most sense: Oscillation picking. Prior, I was rotating, locked up and just trying to use only rotating muscles (didnt realize it of course until I learned what the styles even were).

Now - callin' out to all those who pick using this method. I have read and read and want to make sure I've got a good grasp of what it is I need to do:

I'm currently picking as though I was writing with a pen. Focussing as much as I can on relaxing, while using only those 'hand-writing' muscles. (this made more sense to me compared to the 'knocking on a door' explanation).

SO - am I understanding it correctly? When I sweep and watch it looks similar to me writing a capital I (without the top n bottom of course!)...but a straight line. This is what prompted the question, as I've seen an example of a V, and was hoping for clarification!

Thanks for all those who read through this jibber! Hopefully it'll make sense to someone...