Hey everyone,

I have to play at a coffee house with my band tomorrow, and we need an easy Jam song... we picked "What I Like About You."

The song is really easy, but I need help writing a solo. I saw Poison's version of the song, loved it, wanted the solo... too bad. I could not locate any tabs, and well.. frankly, I'm not the best to figure out the solo by ear.

I know you could use the basic pentatonic scales for this, but if anyone has tabs, riffs, ANYTHING I could use when doing a solo, tell me PLEASE!


If you have the tabs for the Poison version I would be very appreciative, or post links to helpful riffs in the same key.

Thanks UG for all of your wonderful contributions, I need your help!

PS Solo can be any difficulty, just dont write 34983558475949OMFGBBQ!!!1!111`123! as the tablature

The Poison solo didn't sound difficult, I'm just not creative enough to make my own, and I want something similar. Something ROCKIN'~

Thanks everyone,