so i got myself a pair of new monitors!! to improve my music's over all sound. my question is,,before i had monitors i mix with my speakers, and use guitar tracks pro, after i was done i bounced all of the tracks to one track, meaning that i no longer have 20 or so tracks but now i have one...ok...now that i have monitors, is there anyway that i can still mix like put up the bass and more mids, stuff like that or i have to re record the whole song? plz help!!!
if you only have the bounced track, no... just like you can't mix that way with an mp3 from a CD or anything of the sort. if you still have the individual audio tracks, you could maybe create a new spread file, but, again, if all you have is the bounced track, no
this question has absolutely nothing to do with the monitors themselves as i see it. now that its one track, unless theres an 'undo' function with the program youre using, or unless you saved a copy before you mixed it down, the best i can see happening is equalizing the track.
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ok so i cant. what about what that guy said equalizing. is there any way i can push the bass a bit more, or no? adn what program 0can i 5use
Thing is, if you boost the bass a little you'll boost the bass on EVERYTHING, so don't give it too much. Didn't you save the project before you mixed it down?
no dude, the thing is that i started doing a song just for fun, i didnt think is was that good. but now i like it alot, so i just wanted to improve the mmix in it. thats all. its thje first song in my myspace