There lying to me, there lying to me eh he

I have feeling there not telling the truth and were not going anywhrere till they tell the truth

They have a conspiracy that we don’t know and we need to find out before we go

You can tell me that im crazy im pretty ****in sure im not ****in crazy

Then try to explain all these things to me that no one can explain their stupid little theories

Rosewell and 9/11 JFK and Apollo 11
Do you think im just lying or you never someone may be really spying!

Since I thought about it ive been watching my back ive been really-watchin-my back-

You never who may behind it jim carry, tom and jerry Sir james matthew barrie

I have a feeling that were being lied to but where do you go when the governments not behind you

We got to expose them for all they got and you and me all know they sure got a lot

What if I told you 9/11 wasn’t by osama but by a man named Barack Obama

Im not sure about you and your feelings but for some reason it sounds very appealing

We might a president that’s not one of us, or someone among us whos not one of us
You no no no I no no no we no no no theres something going on!

Chourus x2