lead guitar first
Rhythm guitar second
Bass third unless you are putting a provocative drum arrangement.
the melody comes first nomatter whos playing it.
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the melody comes first nomatter whos playing it.

I think that if the lead guitar has a melodic part, or a solo, then yes. Other than that, if the lead guitarist and the rhythm guitarist are playing the same rhythm, then it should be equal volume.
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Of course it would be, because the guitar would be taking the lead most often.

But of course, if another instrument deserves the spotlight elsewhere, then by all means, mix your little bass fill a little louder, etc. Go by feel.
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stupid question... don't ask for paradigms... do what you think sounds good...
Just try and copy the mix sound from an album you like. There's no right or wrong way to do it.

Actually now I think about it there is a wrong way