hey I"m learning otherside by red hot chili peppers. i think the song is in 4/4 at 120, are near it, but I try to match up the metronome and whenever it switches from like verse to chorus or pretty much any transition, it gets off beat. is it possible that the song varies in tempo throughout? and would anyone mind telling me if it does indeed, cause it's driving me crazy
120's to slow its just slightly faster...i cant tell you exactly cuz my metronome goes from 120 to 126 and thats too fast...so somewhere in there...but no the tempo does not change
The song was recorded recently enough that they almost assuredly recorded along with a click track. I very much doubt the tempo changes enough to be noticed. You may be experiencing the "turn signal effect," though. Perhaps you don't drive yet, but you've probably been in a car, waiting to make a turn behind another car, and seen the blinking of your signal (signal when you turn, people) "lock in" with the car in front of you. However, after a few seconds, the signals are no longer synchronized. Your metronome is likely off just slightly, so you think the tempo on your metronome is the same as the song, but, as with the turn signal, the synchronization is gone after a few seconds.