...horror/gore movie you've seen?

I've just finished watching 'Ed Gein' (2007) and what a waste of an hour and a half. Let me tell you the title screen was scarier than the film itself, and it was riddled with cliches and boring scenes surrounding the people of the town. Much less gore than I'd expected, but what was shown was rather good.

Another bad one I've seen is Hostel. I don't know about you guys but I hated it... completely stupid. There were more boobs in that film than I could count- a few good gore scenes, but it just got ridiculous towards the end.

So anyway Pit tell me of some terrible movies of these genres, yes I searchbar'd it but there were only threads on good horrors.
Vacancy 2, All the Boys love Mandy Lane

These are two recent films I've seen and I must say they're pretty bad.

Poor plot substituted with gratuitous gore and violence.
land before time 15, horrible lighting
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Pineapple Express, great movie overall, but horrible as a gore movie.
grok it.


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