Hey so i'm just finishing off a couple of guitars that will become my 3 main guitars (not including my acoustic).

One is a guitar with 2 passive humbuckers (dimarzio fred and SD pearly gates)
One is a guitar with 2005 strat staggard pole pickups
One is a guitar with 2 active humbuckers (emg 89 and 81 with 18volt mod)

Now what i'm wondering is if i'm going to run into problems switching between these guitars if i decide to use 2 or all of them in a live situation.

I have a Bugera 333xl tube amp which DOES have high and low gain inputs so that should eliminate some of the volume problems. I am also going to build a stratoblaster in a pedal so that should help with the single coils volume drop.

Will i need an eq to help with any other changes or will the booster pedal and low gain input be all i need.
i was gonna put a smart ass response. but then i read the links in your sig..and I decided that they were so helpful that i was going to spare you my dickery.
You'll just have to wait and see, why don't you even consider changing the mics youre using.
Trial and error my friend, and those guitars will have some hella different tones.
Im more of a recording guy than a guitar guy... despite doing more with guitar, ask me about what the best first high end preamp to buy is and ill tell you in a second. Ask me about guitar or fx things and i gotta do some research :P.

But thankyou for sparing me :P

And yeah the reason why i have those 3 is for that exact reason, they all sound COMPLETELY different and are used for COMPLETELY different things. Switching mics live is a bit impractical and the engineer would kill me.
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The humbucker/singlecoil change won't matter - after all, some guitars have a mix of humbuckers and singlecoils just by themselves that a player will flick between several times in one song.

The active/passive shouldn't be too much of an issue either unless you get stupid with it. Obviously if you have evrything set up for passive singlecoils then you unplug and slap in the active pickups straight away and get playing, you could do some damage to the amp - most tube amps often need to 'warm up' more for active pickups than they do for passive pickups.

However the main and sole use of active pickups is to drive a tube amp extra hard when it's already fully cranked, so realy you want that guitar to be louder and drive the amp much harder. If you don't then there's no point you even having active pickups, because that's all they were ever made for.

In other words... no, there won't be any vital problems. You should experience a volume/overdrive increase when changing to the active guitar, but that's completely to be expected and if that isn't what you want then you shouldn't have active pickups in the first place. Regardless, so long as you keep the volume low when you initially plug the guitar in then roll the volume up over a period of three or four seconds, there should be no problems. Just don't rip the jack out of one passive guitar, jam it into the active guitar already turned to 10, and expect the amp to work smoothly because doing something stupid like that will usually cause some damage if you do it repeatedly on a regular basis.
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Sweet well over the next month or so i'm building that booster, a ts808 clone (with all the lovely mods ), a wah and buying a nova delay, so if i need any extra driving with the passive guitars i should be fine.

My tone sorta demands a tube amp to be pushed (my power amp is at about 6 or 7 with an attenuator) with fairly low gain (around 2 or 3 on crunch and about 3 or 4 on lead) but the power amp brings out the rest, so will the overdrive and booster pedal. With active pickups im hoping to eliminate the reliance on pedals (as well as getting a completely different tone... except for maybe when the 89 is in single coil mode).
Buy a Seymour Duncan Pickup booster. Put it in front of all of you effects. It has one knob. Turn it on with your passive pickup guitar. Use the knob to match the volume level of the active pu's. Turn the pedal off with your active guitar. AL