My friend showed me Dissection about 3 years ago. A melodic black metal band from Sweden. From personal comparison, they have a bit of a Darkthrone sound, with less distortion. Don't know if anyone's talked about them on here yet, but they seem to be a pretty under-the-radar band even for black metal. They're a great band, and they add a melodic taste without leaving the black metal sound. My favorites would have to be A Land Forlorn, In the Cold Winds of Nowhere, and the acoustic instrumental, Feathers Fell. And suprisingly, for a black metal band, their riffs are a bit more plentiful, as opposed to distorted power chords (but who doesn't love that sound? ^_^). Here's some Youtube vids of their album songs, since the only other videos they'd have is live. Won't find anything recent however, since the frontman Jon Nodtveidt, committed suicide years back, leaving the band to wear away.

A Land Forlorn:

In the Cold Winds of Nowhere:

Mix of their instrumentals, including Feathers Fell: