I've been looking for one such for a while now, and I usually linger longest when I get to the Ibanez Artcores.

However, I was in Music Go Round lately and they had recently gotten in a pair of used Gretsch G5120s (one orange, one black) in top notch condition (there weren't even any scratches on the orange one's pickguard).


Now, I know Gretsch has a reputation, but this is one of their less expensive models. Does anyone know how they stand up to the legend created by their more expensive stablemates?

And while I'm at it, any other good guitars that are similar in the under $1000USD price range?
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get it if you really want a bigsby. but be prepared to tune over and over again.
epiphone makes some of their casino models with a bigsby...i own one, and love it.
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Tuning problems are merely a semi-myth for bigsby equipped guitars. They only go out of tune if you dont have your guitar set up properly, if you dont lubricate the nut, and if you go crazy on it... Pretty much the same as any "vintage temolo". I have the G5120, I love it, the only tips you will need are get some D'addario ground wound strings (the guitar will take them better, and they feel better too!), and get the bridge shaved to match the tops contour. (Cost $30-$50 max).
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there are also a few ibanez artcore models with a bigsby that you might want to check out.
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