Yes you would have this question asked thousands of time im sure but I need the help badly. I need to chose between the Peavey Vypyr or Vox Valvetronix VT both 30 watts. Just for bedroom practicing for now.

I have played both numerous times and just cant chose. Just playing around with some of the Vypyr effects I thought i would never use this much so it seems a bit like a waste.

Anyways Im mainly into Jimi H, RHCP, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Led Zep, King of Leon.

so yeah any help i would love cause i just dont know.

the music your into,,id go with the peavey,,but thats just me,,i play peavey and have had no problems.
You never know when you need extra effects, I'd go with the Vypyr.
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i just think alot of them are uneccessary and really wont be used after the first couple of weeks screwing around with the vypyr if i buy it
ive got a vox valvetronix(only 15 watt though, but its still LOUD) and it sounds good, i have a pedal to play heavier things, metal, because i dont like the numetal settings and all that jazz, but for more basic rock distorted sounds it sounds good, for what you want, and the effects are good, for th emost part. overall i think its a great amp, no problems here yet.