This is a new song that I just recorded.... it's not my usual style [a break up song] and it's a bit rough but any advice/comments will be appreciated. I will return the favour.

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I thought that it sounded cool. Sounds a little like Bob Dylan. I didn't really like the acoustic sound, to much of the actual strumming sound and not enough of the actual notes. Where those drums elctronic or real. If there real than you got a really good sound.
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Running Thoughts:
:01 intro starts out nice. this is quite well recorded.
:23 I am liking the vocals. the effects you put on it are working for me except the tremelo/phaser thing.
:37 the lead part has great tone.
1:28 the lead in behind the singing flows great.
1:50 the little drop was perfect.
2:00 still digging the lead parts. though now im listening to the rhythm part and Im really digging the tone that you have managed to get on it. there is just enough of the pick attack to to make me cream in my pants lol. Its really clear and just all around good.
3:27 the transition to distortion is well done.
3:35 Drop worked well again.
4:05 I like the repetition at the end, but the vocal tremelo/phaser thing is killing me here.
4:15 didn't care for just the drums ending it. it was ok, but ehh, it would have sounded better just to do the last strum and be done. Also, is there a phaser thing on the drums too? I noticed it right at the end.

I liked all the instrumentals except the drums at the end. Everything is quite well recorded and has great tone. All the parts are mixed fairly well and all fit in thier own little space just as they should.

The phaser junk was not so good, at least at first. Though on the second listen through I appreciated it a little more. Maybe it would grow on me with time.

You have a voice suited to this style of music. Keep it up.

I liked the theme, Love Junkie. lol. perhaps a theme done way more than it needs to be, but I enjoyed it none the less. I like love songs ehh....

More Please,
it seems to me theres alot of reverb or something on your recording...

especially on vox... they should be up front a bit more, not a bad singer...

the one guitar needs to be up front more too... rhythm, i think i can hear it sometimes...

other than that it is a decent song.

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