After this semester, I'm transfering to another college. I'll be in a dorm with another person who most likely wouldn't want to hear me play guitar (not to mention there are always rules about noise levels). So I was wondering if anybody has suggestions of nice headphones that I can plug in to my amp that aren't expensive. Also, would I need an adaptor to plug headphones in to my amp or do they make headphones that come with the 1/4" end?
sennheizer, or however its spelt,,they do really good headphones with the 1/4 end and the 3.5mm end. they can get expensive but also have the cheaper stuff,,still sounds good to.
senhiser, i use them for editing tracks and that includes guitar, so yeah senhiser, also they will be around 150-200 if you want it to sound decent.
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some sennheisers are alright but you really have to watch which model you buy. i still believe that grados would be a better idea though.
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Sennheiser is seriously the best IMO. Great sound for the money you spend.
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