is a 15w tube amp loud enough for gigs?
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I've played two gigs with mine; one with a friends chorus and their backing band, where it came out over them fine, and another time when I filled in for a friend at a gig while he was sick, where I A/B'd it with a friends halfstack for cleans, and again, fine.

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all depends if its a big gig like in a club or stadium no

but youll probly be in a bar or somethin similar so that should do it you would be safer with somethin a lil more powerful gl
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you could mic it but, eh im not one for microphones from amps so, depending on the gig, im more of a 30 - 50 watt head with some nice 4/12s kinda guy, but, also it depends what youll be playing because i fyour gonna play anything clean it might break up before you want it to, so yes and no depending on how you want to do it and the size
For some small clubs, yes.
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It largely depends on what 15W you have and what sound you are looking for, or will be happy with.

A 15W tube amp will be loud enough for small gigs, as has been said, however it'll need to be near to full volume and that means the tubes are going overdrive. So if you need your sound to be crystal clear at the loudest point then 15W probably isn't going to be enough.

If you want that power tube overdrive sound then 15W should be just fine.