Hey everyone.
Back in August I joined a band and well I went and blew my summer savings on new equipment. Bought a new Marshall half stack, Schecter Damien Special FR, and a Korg AX3000G modeling pedal. I didnt test play any of this by the way which i think was my first mistake. I just went off of internet reviews and youtube videos haha.

Anyways after about a few months of playing with all this new stuff, I came to realize something. The lead guitar player uses a Fender half stack and it packs so much more of a punch than my Marshall. My Marshall sounds almost like "muffled". Like someone were to put pillows or something over the cab speakers. It really sucks and you can tell a big difference between the two tones of our stacks.

My question, is there any reason for this practically new stack to sound like this? I was told that Marshall tends to be more of the warmer toned but I cant quite verify that statement. I was thinking about next month just buying a new head. Possibly the same Fender head that our lead guitar player uses. We switched the heads of the stacks last practice and there was an obvious difference in tone. Is this suggested? Putting a Fender head on a Marshall cab?

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My stack is here

Lead guitar players stack head is here
its an mg, enough said
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MG's might not be the greatest, but I own one as well. I don't have any muffled sound, never had that problem. I guess you just need to tweak some setting either on your amp or whatever pedals you might use.

However, I'd suggest trying to find a new half stack. When I have the cash, I'm going to buy a new half stack and sell my MG.
Also, I found that an equalizer helped a **** load with the tone and overall sound. Might be worthwhile to look in to one, even if you don't keep the MG.
1. get rid of the MG
2. buy a small tube combo
3. drown out the other guitarists **** FM.
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Quote by classicrocker01
1. get rid of the MG
2. buy a small tube combo
3. drown out the other guitarists **** FM.

I clicked on your link and saw MG100DFX in the header and close the link before it loaded. Thats your problem they just arent very good amps, cheap but not very good. But the FM amps arent very good either. Glad I dont go to any of those shows with those 2 amps its possible to create a black hole from which no tone can escape.
the fm is as bad as the mg
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Don't fret. All gear has its strength and weakness. Your amps strength is that is has a very good distortion tone and power. The weaknesses may be that it has a dark tone. Try this... Turn all of the eq. knobs all of the way up (10) and get a volume level. Then dial back any unwanted eq. like bass. Let the mids be your friend. If you dial out the mids too much you will sink in the mix. Then just be sure that the high and presence aren't popping anyones eyes out and you got game. Readjust volume.

I had a Marshall combo that had zero low end but I got away with it. I had the bass at 10, mid at 6, and treble at 4.
Try putting a BBE Sonic Stomp in your FX loop, it's like pulling a big blanket off the top of your amp.
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Quote by Adam Loeke
All gear has its strength and weakness.

He has an MG. This is an exception as far as the "strength" part goes. (jk)
TS, your best bet would be to sell the MG and buy a tube combo amp. Neither the MG nor the Frontman are good amps.
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if i were you i'd go for a new head, then upgrade the cab when you can. i hate lugging combos around.

if i were you i'd balete this thread and make a new one asking for head advice.

include what you want to play, who you want to sound roughly like, what your budget is, what your other gear is and where you live
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Ok thanks for the advice everyone. I will make a new thread then asking for advice on a head and such.