I have been trying to teach myself guitar. What are some good metal songs to start with? Anything from power metal, to thrash, melodeath, whatever.
godsmack has easy stuff

disturbed has good stuff also do down with the sickness
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Wait, your starting with metal to teach yourself guitar?

Thats climbing up a steep hill my friend, but if you really want to, play metal songs that are slow. If you start off on a fast paced speed metal shredders delight, you're ****ed.

For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

Uhh... can't really think of any others. All I know is those were two songs that I learned back when I first started playing.
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godsmack has easy stuff

disturbed has good stuff also do down with the sickness

Yes but Godsmack sucks giant balls and is not metal. Godsmack should be thrown of a very tall building or a high cliff with pointy rocks at the bottom.

And I dont think he should start of on Down With the Sickness. Its a good song, but may be too early for a starter.
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For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica


It's a REALLY easy song but insanely catchy.
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Trust me man, it's Smoke on the Water. Deep Purple only wrote one song.
symphony of destruction - Megadeth
Enter Sandman - Metallica (both are good down picking practice)
Walk - Pantera

I'm just talkin riffs here btw
Okay thanks. I have been playing on and off for like a year maybe, although I have had my guitar for like 3 years. Instead of learning stuff I always end up playing power chords and I need to stop doing that. DX
Metallica's Seek and Destroy, Megadeth's This Was My Life, Slayer's Raining Blood, Testament's Return To Serenity and Practice What You Preach, all have fun and not-too-difficult riffs.
I agree with the above. I started out with Iron man by black Sabbath, Nothing Else matters- Metallica, Walk-Pantera, and Enter Sandman by you know who.
For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
this is probably the easiest metal song ever. A great place to start for begginers.
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