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I'm a big Nirvana fan, and I have been planning to build a guitar for a while, but haven't the tools, access to the tools, or cash for tools to build a guitar. Then, I found my neighbor has everything I could possibly need and he'll aid me in making it and my uncle will paint it. Schweet.

Problem: Should I go with Kurt Cobain's ORIGINAL* Jag-Stang or a mustang. I'm fortunately/unfortunately a lefty, and need a good Nirvana-y guitar. No local shop has one, only strats, teles, and a jazzmaster or two.

*The "original" jag-stang is the one that Kurt drew, and thus the "real" jag-stang, not the ones made for him or the production model. For example, the original had a small, '50s/'60s fender headstock, not the CBS size seen on the production model or his.

Kurt's Sketch:
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if i were you, i would try out your own slight variations of the body style based on what you would prefer. you have a chance to make your own guitar so why not make it yours? just take things you like from other guitars, that is pretty much what kurt did there, and if you are a nirvana fan it will probably end up similar anyway
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Ok then, I'll probably un-extend the lower bass bout on the Jag-stang; i've never liked it. But creating plans for this will be an absolute bitch. There probably aren't very many jag-stang plans out there, much less lefty.

REDIT: I made up a computer sketch of MY jag-stang in flash 8.

Sorry 'bout that. Somehow pic got reversed.


•Mustang-size (24"?)
•Chrome TOM
•Small 60s headstock
•Regular Chrome Kluson tuners.
•Jaguar Upper Horn
•Kurt-style "thin" lower horn
•un-bumped. Mustang, not Jag sized
•Mustang Pup in neck pos.
•SD Little '59 in bridge pos.
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depending on what exactly you need plans for, i might be able to help you out, i am trying to do a guitar that looks a bit like a jaguar mixed with a musicmaster. i'll put a picture up if this thread is still around or you can comment me or whatever

edit: oh wow looks like you edited right as i posted. but now that i look back the picture is gone, i will be editing again soon haha
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yeah, it got reversed somehow, so I had to go back, re screen cap, and make sure that it came out right.
looks pretty good in my opinion, the tuneomatic bridge will be interesting on there, the switches (knobs? i always forget) above the pickups will probably be the toughest bit, especially if you have to cut your own blank pickguard, although i don't know for sure. i see you rounded out the tail end too which is cool, but you just want to make sure it doesn't nosedive
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Are you sure you dont want a tele
They sound great
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Yes, I'm sure I don't want a tele. I played a '67 lefty mustang in guitar center and absoluteley loved it, but I really like that jaguar horn on a mustang.
Bumpity' Bumpity' BUMP.

My neighbor, after reviewing his tools, does not have the tools necessary to build a guitar. However, my mum is willing to bet good money that her old friend Larry does, so I'll check that out this week.

Oh, and wemonir, if it does nosedive once it's done, what would I do to fix it?
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